Getting Started on the Bathroom

Spent most of our time this weekend doing demolition in the upstairs bathroom.  We started with the floor and we were surprised to find pine wood floors under the several layers of something that looked like linoleum.  There is still more of that to remove.  That pine floor will stay - its in good shape and will be a nice touch to the subway tile covering most of the bathroom walls.

Next up was to get the tile removed from the walls as we will be replacing it with subway tiles.  The previous installers had put the tile right on top of drywall.  So, removing the tile meant, for the most part, tearing out the drywall as well.  The previous installers had also put the drywall directly over the old lath and plaster wall that was completely crumbling to bits.  All of the tile, drywall and plaster has now been removed.

The only item left to remove was the one piece shower-tub unit.  I had never done this before so I was taking it slow not wanting to ruin any of the plumbing.  Once I had all the plumbing unhooked from the unit, it was time to actually remove the unit.  Its a little tough because it fits tightly in its space.  The sawzall made pretty quick work of cutting up the tub and piecing it out - it was actually amazing how quick that saw went through the tub.

That's it for the bathroom work today.  We had a huge mess to clean up at the end of the day!  I still have to remove a lot of old drywall above the shower.  Also, I think I may remove the lath on the walls and bring it down completely to the studs before installing tile.

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