Bathroom Update

The bathroom is coming along with some major gains this past week.  The lath, plaster and drywall have all been removed from the walls and they are ready for cement board and new drywall.

Floor Progress
With the tub removed, we decided to pull up the pine floor that was under the tub and use it to patch the rest of the floor where needed.  I then replaced what I took from under the tub with some new pine planks to keep the new tub level.

Removing pine tongue and groove flooring was a task that I had somewhat underestimated.  It took a lot of patience not to break the tongue or groove off from boards and keep them in good enough shape to be reused.  Once it was removed, I reinstalled the old floor to patch in some bad spots.  I don't have a nailer gun, so I hand nailed these boards down.  That was actually pretty fun and once I got the hang of it, things went well.

Half way through flooring

The area for the vanity is now properly set with flooring.  It all needs a complete refinishing, but I think it will look great.  The tub will cover the new pine floor on back wall and the vanity will cover the smaller area on the left of the room.  

The last remnants of the old linoleum has also been removed.  I picked up one of those oscillating tools and have found a lot of uses for it when removing and installing the floor and the chisel attachment  probably saved me from killing myself when removing the linoleum.  Check it out below, I took a quick video.

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