Door Hardware Clean Up

My wife and I watch all kinds of renovation shows on TV and most of them are pretty cheesy, but sometimes you pick up a little tip here and there that is useful.

We decided to take a little time away from the bathroom to clean up our front door, seeing that it was painted an awful pink color.  Remove the hardware, give it a good sanding and just get a clean coat of white paint on it.  I'm not sure what possesses someone when they are painting a door to just go ahead and paint right over the hardware that is install, but nevertheless, that is what we had.  So, we decided to try one of those tips we had acquired from TV.  Also, you can find many videos on YouTube.

The idea is that you take all the hardware off and put it in an crock pot (on high) and let it sit for 4 - 6 hours.  After a soak, the paint is supposed to come off easily with a brush.  Here are some before pictures:

We tossed them in the crock pot and let them sit for about 4 hours.  Some say to put a few drops of dish soap into the water as well - we didn't do that.  After some brushing, here is what came of them:

Success!  The paint fell off easily with a quick brushing.  This technique works well for small, detailed parts where it would be harder to get into little recesses and such.  Also, the crock pot is only so big.  Anyway, it works.

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