Tiles, tiles and more tiles

A lot of time has been spent in the upstairs bathroom over the last week continuing to tile the walls.  I have made a lot of progress and the end is actually starting to come into focus.  I now have the back and right hand walls tiled to the ceiling and the rest of the wall completed between the shower and the door.  The wall on the other side of the door is about 90% complete.  The wall with the window is about 50% done and I still have the entire left hand side of the shower to do to the ceiling.

I turned the ledger board from the back wall to the right hand wall to provide me with a starting point.  This worked out very well.  My ledger board was actually a piece of polystyrene trim that I was trying out for bathtub trim.  It was very straight and easy to put a screw through to attach it to the wall.  I then proceeded to take the tile up the wall.

As you can see, I will have to do the dreaded "tiling downward" to meet the floor.  This was a time consuming task - basically going row by row so that each could be supported by a ledger board.  I eventually installed baseboard trim to meet the tile.

From there, I moved on to the wall on the left of the door.  The walls outside of the shower are only tiled to a height of five feet.  On this wall, I had a register and a light switch to cut around - not too bad.

That wall was knocked out pretty quickly and I continued on to the window wall.  You can see that I installed baseboard trim all around the room which provided a nice ledger board to start tiling from as long as it was level all around the room.  The floor on the side of the room with the window is one inch high than the other side of the room!  Oh well, you can't really tell.

I ended up with some funky lines leading into the vanity, I am hoping I can caulk those with white caulk and they will disappear.

A surprise for us this week was that the vanity top was completed so we needed to get that installed and ready to go.  We thought we were getting a soapstone counter top, but the tile store called last minute and said they made a mistake and that the stone we were looking at was actually granite.  We still liked the coloring and decided to keep it.

Next week, my goal is to finish in the tile work and get it grouted.  My wife is doing a lot of painting in the other bedrooms upstairs so it is has been nice to see some finished product.

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