Kitchen and Bedroom Floors

As you may have seen in previous posts, the kitchen floor was a huge mess.  We removed somewhere around five different layers of flooring, including laminate and linoleum.  The last layer of linoleum left a bunch of backing and old adhesive.

With our kitchen cabinets now on track for being built, we needed to get the kitchen floor cleaned up and down to the bare wood before the cabinets would be installed.  After much searching, I located this machine that looked like it would do the job.  After speaking with a representative from the manufacturer on the phone, they confirmed that it was indeed the machine for my job.  They recommended that I use this attachment that was designed for removing coatings on wood floor without damaging them.  Turns out that a local store had this machine for rent.  Here it is in action:

Below is a picture of the kitchen during the day and after we had completed our work.  The machine worked great and did what we needed it to do.

From here, we need to do several rounds of sanding and get out the hand sander to do the edges, but the big chunk of work is complete and it is nice to have that behind us.

Bedroom Floors
The bedroom floors have been sanded to 100 grit for some time now and covered to prevent any damage to them.  We have now removed the covering from the three bedroom floors and begun the finishing.  We chose to use Waterlox as the finish mostly because we wanted to keep the natural wood look without looking like we put a layer of plastic over the floors.  If you are unfamiliar with Waterlox, here is a great article from askthepainter.net that explains why Waterlox is a great finish for floors.

Here are a few "before" pictures of the floors:

And this is one room after three coats of Waterlox.  We really like how it turned out.  One more coat will be put on these floors and that one will be applied with a satin finish to remove some of the sheen you see below.

Some pictures from the other rooms after two coats of finish.

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