Kitchen Update

We have been working with a custom cabinet builder for the last month after going through five different quotes from various companies.  The company we chose has been around a long time and they have some great references.  I am confident that we are going to get quality cabinets and he will be good to work with on the project.  

It has come time for him to do the final measurements so that means we need to get the kitchen clear of all existing cabinets and appliances.  I decided to take a break from tiling for a day to clear kitchen.  The cabinets were actually in pretty poor condition even though they don't look that bad in the picture below.  They were old, original built-ins and at some point they had been refaced with oak.

Before picture of the kitchen
A friend offered to help with the demolition so we both set to work.  It was pretty amazing how well built the original cabinets were and...they used a lot of nails.  Nails everywhere.  We managed to get all of the cabinets removed and all of the appliances moved out to the garage for pickup by Salvation Army.

On the left side of the kitchen (around the oven), the previous owners had installed ceramic tile on the walls.  In the course of doing that, they removed all of the plaster from the walls and installed something akin to Hardiebacker board.  Once those were removed, I began knocking off the rest of the plaster that was loose on the walls - pretty much all the plaster behind the lower cabinets and back splash.  The cabinet maker is coming on Monday and I will see what he wants me to install on the walls.  My thought is to install 1/4" plywood.  That would bring it level with the plaster that is still intact and provide the cabinets a decent surface for mounting.  We'll see what he says.

Besides the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen is our other large project in the house and it is exciting to see it underway.  While removing the cabinets, I set up the GoPro in the corner to record a time lapse video. 

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