Tiles done, finish the floors

Bathroom Tiles
I have installed the final tile in the upstairs bathroom.  I had saved the inside of the shower niches for last because I wanted to be able to focus on them.  A lot of little cuts and fussing around, but I like how they turned out.  

I have been using a silicon grout for the all corners on the tiles.  I was advised to put painters' tape on each side of the corner, squirt the grout, push it in with your finger and then immediately remove the tape.  Wow!  Worked perfect and the corners look good.

Now it is time to do the grout and I got a start on it tonight.  Never done it before, so it was a little scare when I saw the tiles covered with black.  I also think I mixed up the grout a little stiff which made it a little more difficult to spread around.

After hitting it with the sponger, it really started to clear up and reassured us of our choice to use dark grout.

The saga continues...we are on a time schedule now to get the floors done so that they have enough time to cure before we move in a couple weeks.  We now have three base coats of Waterlox on all upstairs floors.  One more coat is need to get the satin sheen and even out the entire finish across the upstairs.  The bathroom floor came out a little lighter than the rest of the rooms upstairs.  I think this is because the bathroom wood was probably not exposed for as long as the other floors and covered with linoleum pretty early on.  That's the story I am choosing, anyway.

Once we get the final satin coat on the floors, I can get the toilet installed and the remainder of the trim.  Grout will be finished up this week as well so the bathroom is getting fairly close to being useful.  Also, the dumpster will be delivered this week so we can empty the garage.

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