Door Hardware

Well, we are getting into the particulars in the upstairs of the house.  We are currently working on getting the door hardware reinstalled on all of the doors.  First, we hung the doors and one thing we learned for next time - make a note of where each individual door came from.  As much as I thought they would be fairly interchangeable (except, of course, for a different swing), they are NOT.  So, it took some juggling of doors to get them right.

There were three doors upstairs that had new hardware installed.  They were nothing at all like the old hardware and were pretty ugly.  Below is a picture of the original hardware.

The new ones were a very shiny brass without a back plate at all.  In the process of installing that new hardware, a large hole was drilled in the door.  Fortunately, the back plate would just barely cover this hole.  Problem was, where do we find matching back plates?

Last Saturday we took a trip to Kalamazoo to The Heritage Company in hopes that we could find a match or at least something that was very close.  I had scoured eBay and found nothing so I was somewhat skeptical.  This is really a great place in Kalamazoo and I could have spent the entire day digging through old doors (there were literally hundreds), sinks, and trim.  I was also able to find some back band pieces that I could use to repair/replace back band that was missing around a few of my door casings.

After the owner spent about 20 minutes in the basement of the shop, he emerged with five matching back plates covered in layers of paint.  Exact matches!   We were still down one back plate, but we could steal one from the inside of a closet or something.  They also had piles of knobs and mortise door locks to outfit the doors as well.

We went home and I began chiseling out the block of wood they had inserted to fill the mortise so that I could, again, fit the mortise lock back in the door.  It all came out pretty easily and the new hardware looks great.

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