Kitchen Cabinets

Last week was a bit of a milestone at the house.  The cabinetmaker finished the installation of the kitchen cabinets and crown molding.  This has been a long time in the planning and it is awesome to see these cabinets hung and have a large, finished part of the kitchen installed.

We chose a color called "Online" from Benjamin Moore.  It is a great, light gray color.  As part of the cabinet installation, we also had the carpenter install crown molding in the entire kitchen.  These were all custom built cabinets, so in the weeks leading up to the installation the carpenter was working on building the cases in his workshop.  He builds everything but the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  Those are purchased through a separate vendor called Conestoga.  

The cabinets took, all together, about three days to install.  Below are some pictures of the upper cabinets from around the room.

This is the only corner cabinet that we have in the kitchen.  This represents our major set of cabinets in the kitchen, next to the sink.

This is where the overhead microwave and oven will go.  On the left is shelving to house about six wine bottles and below those is a pull out spice rack.

As you can probably guess, this is where the refrigerator goes with larger, full depth cabinets surrounding it.  The cabinet on the right has several pull out drawers.  We kind of took a guess at the height of these drawers for now, I guess we could adjust later if necessary.

These are some shots of the remainder of the base cabinets.  The corner cabinet is outfitted with a lazy susan which really maximized the space in this corner.

What's next???  Kitchen floor.  It is now sanded to 80 grit and ready for the same finish that we applied to the upstairs bedrooms.  We will start that tomorrow night and the plan is to have the final coat on Sunday night.  The kitchen is sort of a pass through area (with our living room and kitchen in the basement), so we will minimize traffic by doing it over the weekend.
Below are a couple of shots of the wood floor in the kitchen that we will be finishing.  This floor was face nailed - probably because it was never supposed to see the light of day (covered with linoleum) or was done right before another floor covering to remove any squeaks.  Anyway, we are embracing the nail heads, but some of them are very shiny from the sanding, that will be taken care of before the finish.

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