Moved in...sort of

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted, but we have busy preparing and moving into the house.  We have completed a tons upstairs since the last update.  The floors are now completely done - we really like how they turned out.  The bathroom is completely done with the toilet and sink installed and working.

My plan was to replace the bottom pane in the bathroom window because it was loose and also to install glass that would add some privacy.  In the meantime, we picked up a privacy film to install on the window.  I was skeptical at first, but it really turned out great and my guess is that no one will know the difference.

At this point, we have been in the house for one week.  We have set up a kitchen, dining and living room in the basement as we work on the main floor.  The upstairs is, for the most part, complete.  We do have a few things to finish up.
  • Hang doors
  • Refinish and install wall registers
  • Hang drapes (main bedroom is complete)
Not too much left and certainly enough is done to be living in that space.  The main bedroom is looking good with some furniture in there and the drapes hung.

The bathroom is complete as well.  Because of some issues with where the walls meet the ceiling so we decided to install crown molding.  I was leery of putting wood in for the crown, but I was able to find PVC molding (meant for outside) that looked nice and was fairly easy to install.  My wife painted it the same color as the grout.

We have installed a few ceiling lights in the bedrooms, but still have about half of them to go.  They are all hanging lights, as opposed to flush mount, and are a headache to install.  But, they look great once they are up there.  

I have been playing around with refinishing the wall registers.  They have about 18 coats of paint on them and I couldn't wait to see what they looked like under all that paint.  I was thinking that I would strip and paint them black, but I am not sure.  I may stay with the polished steel look and put a light coat of lacquer over them to keep the rust out.  Below is a picture of one that is about 80% done with one next to it that hasn't been refinished. I still have more paint to remove and reinstall the damper.

Main Floor
Now that work is wrapping up in the upstairs portion of the house, our attention has turned to the kitchen on the main floor.  In previous updates (here and here), we tore out the kitchen cabinets and removed all the crap from the floor.  The walls needed to have some drywall installed where the plaster had crumbled and electrical run for the new lights above the sink.  Here is a before shot:

And now, the drywall has been installed, electrical run and the floors have had the sander over them once.  The drywall is sort of a patchwork because it was just replacing where the plaster had fallen apart.  It is not super important that it is perfect because the new cabinets will cover almost the entirety of these walls.

Well, you are all caught up now.  I'll be working on the kitchen for a little bit yet - prepping it for the cabinet install in less than two weeks.  Then, on to the living and dining room to install crown molding before we start painting.  There is a lot of work to do on the floors as well.

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