A crowning moment and other stuff

Lots of stuff going on at the house the last couple of weeks - several projects in the works.  We decided to hire out a painter to take of a bunch of the painting on the main floor and up the stairs where the ceiling is very high.  That meant that a lot of other things needed to get done so that he could do his job.

Crown Molding
This was the biggest item that needed to get completed before the painter arrived.  One of the biggest benefits of a painter, is that he will paint the crown molding with a sprayer to provide a much better finish.

So, I set off to install the crown molding, which I had never real done before.  The first day, yea, was a complete failure except for a few boards in the entry way.  The corner was just not matching up.  Very frustrating.  I got up the next day with a new start and decided I needed to try to coping the joints in the corners instead of just a 45 degree on both boards.  If you are not familiar with coping, here is a great video to get a quick overview.

After a few tries with the coping saw, I was ready to go.  What a difference that made!  My corners weren't perfect, but nothing a little caulk can't take care of.  I put together my own little video of me coping one of the joints.  I have a new found respect for trim carpenters.

I ended up finishing the rest of the crown molding in the living room, entry and dining room just in time for the painter.  Here are some pics I snapped of the molding.  Some are a little dark and hard to see.

Kitchen & Refrigerator
With our kitchen in the basement, we have been getting by with a small two foot by two foot fridge (the kind you might have had in college).  I had started to finish the floors in the kitchen and after the second coat, I thought it might be a good idea to get the refrigerator installed in case any damage was done to the floor and I could fix it before the final coat.  The cabinets were built custom to hold this refrigerator, so it was a tight fit.

The water line was there from before, so that was a simple matter of just hooking it up to the new one.  It is working great and now we can finally go get some real groceries.
The floor in the kitchen is coming along as well.  I now have three coats of Waterlox and waiting to put the third coat down after the painter has completed his work.  We spent a lot of time on this floor and I think it is paying off.  



That's all for now.  The next update will show the results of the painting, which is looking great so far.  My wife has also been painting upstairs to finish off the hallway and her walk-in closet.

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