Stripping and sanding

So, just a quick update on the house.  I have been focused on refinishing the floor on the ground level.  There is lots of sanding and stripping of old finish.  The main floor is a combination of white oak around the perimeter of the living and dining rooms and heart pine in the middle of those rooms.  The entry way is entirely white oak.

It works a lot better to strip the floor first with chemical stripper before the actual sanding.  Here are some pics from the living and dining room as well as the entry way.

These first set of pics are showing the stripping of the white oak border in the living room.  On the left is the original, then with stripper applied and then stripped.  Quite a difference.  All that is left then is to sand.  The pile of goop in the 3rd picture is what I have come to affectionately call "toxic sludge".  It's nasty.

Here are some similar pictures from tonight's work in the entry way.  I will finish with the stripping tomorrow night and then begin the never ending sanding.

Most of the dining and living room have been sanded at least once.  Several more rounds of sanding need to happen, but you can begin to see the finished product.  The first two are from the living room and the second set are from the dining room.

And, a fine video of me sanding away on the living room floor.  Seriously, it will never end...

 Next up is to get the floors sanded to 80 grit and then bust out the Waterlox to get four coats of that done.  The great thing is, once that is done, we can move out of the basement!

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